The vital role of the voluntary sector for ICS integration

Lord Victor Adebowale, Chair of the NHS Confederation, has written on the essential role the voluntary sector can play in enabling the successful integration of ICSs within the NHS.

9 December 2022

In recognising that millions of vulnerable people and families rely every day on voluntary organisations delivering huge amounts of care on behalf of the NHS or local councils, and that such organisations played a critical role during the Covid-19 pandemic, Lord Adebowale states that integrated care boards (ICBs) must engage in partnership with the voluntary sector to allow for the successful integration of ICSs across regions.

He writes that voluntary organisations should be able to build on the work they undertake and be treated as key partners in the delivery of health and care, and recommends the use of NHSEI’s published guidance to support ICBs through the implementation of partnerships.

Liaison Group CEO, Andy Armitage, adds:

“We have worked in partnership with NHS organisations for many years, providing support and expertise to help generate savings and help organisations collaborate through our workforce technology. We support these partnerships being extended to charities and voluntary organisations to provide additional care and assistance for patients and their families, and would be pleased to share our experiences in working with the NHS to help these partnerships be put into place.

“There are so many benefits to be gained from working together in the NHS, and we will continue to be supportive of these opportunities as ICSs are implemented.”

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