Grip, control and reduce NHS agency spend with our six-point plan
a framework that helps you gain measurable improvements in all areas of
workforce management and progress your workforce transformation journey.

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NHS At Work: The market-changing rostering solution

Designed, built and owned by the NHS.

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mii Tasks: Hospital Task Management

Imagine what your junior doctors could do
with an extra 91 minutes of time, every shift.

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Who We Are

Trusted to deliver NHS workforce transformation. Realising the potential of the NHS workforce.

We are trusted to deliver NHS workforce transformation, exceptional experiences and unique actionable insights, with our interoperable, feature-rich, app-enabled platform, supported by our experts and advanced technology.

mii Workforce Platform

An interoperable, feature-rich, app-enabled platform, supported by experts and advanced technology that delivers exceptional experiences, unique actionable insights and NHS workforce transformation.

mii Flexible Workforce

A technology platform, with a mobile app, that manages the end-to-end process for your flexible workforce across all staff groups and with full integration to our rostering solution.

mii Workforce Optimisation

Solutions that provide effective analysis and insights for workforce transformation across the NHS.

mii Retention & Wellbeing

Supporting the emotional and financial health and wellbeing of staff through a programme of tailored features and solutions that lead to better retention.


mii Supporting Modules

These modules underpin the mii platform and enable system interoperability, intelligent reporting and smarter working through technology.

mii Workforce Platform

An interoperable, feature-rich, app-enabled platform, supported by experts and advanced technology that delivers exceptional experiences, unique actionable insights, and NHS workforce transformation.

The platform facilitates a shared vision for procurement, data, intelligence, and best practice to drive improvements.

Solutions To Support Your Current NHS Challenges


I want to enhance my agency supply chain, gain better visibility on agency usage and reduce my agency costs.

I want to understand what is happening with my people on the ground and get key data and insights that help me measure wellbeing, understand retention risks, find out about future recruitment demand earlier and understand L&D needs.

I want to obtain meaningful people data, understand root causes for workforce demand and automate my workforce board pack which currently takes too long.

I want to improve patient discharge and reduce excess bed days using virtual wards.

I want to improve Patient Initiated Follow-Up (PIFU) rates to release elective recovery capacity.

I want to improve task-driven processes to increase efficiency and capacity.

I want to get a grip and control agency spending.

I want to attract more staff to my internal and collaborative bank.

What Our Partners Say


“We required a rapid response to establishing a system which would help us to manage our vaccination workforce. Liaison Workforce listened to what we needed and approached our needs with speed, flexibility and a willingness to support and adapt. They have really eased the process of getting everything set up with the experience they have brought to the situation, and ensured that we are able to deliver this essential vaccination programme across Cheshire.”

Phil Meakin

Associate Director – Corporate Governance, NHS Cheshire CCG

“Having heard that other trusts had been running such a benefit [Salary Sacrifice Programme], we invited Liaison Onecall to explain how the process worked and what savings the Trust may expect from running two or three programmes per year…

We decided to run the benefits programme and see what the take-up would be.”

Associate Director


“Our new project at Norfolk and Norwich Hospitals has been described as the NHS’s ‘most ambitious’ outpatients project.”

Operations Director for Transformation and Integration

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

“Because tasks are triaged before being assigned to me, I am only allocated the most appropriate ones and can use my time much more efficiently as a result.”

FY2 Doctor

Somerset NHS Foundation Trust

“The digital task management system makes it easier for my team to prioritise, plan and carry out our daily care work.”

STARRS Head Nurse

London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

“We were delighted to see the NHS at Work solution go live. We recognised that we needed better functionality to address our rostering challenges, and we were very keen for the solution to be designed by people in the NHS.

What we have developed leap-frogs current software and the expected benefits will be huge in terms of workforce optimisation for many trusts like ours across the NHS.”

Vicky Race

Head of Temporary Staffing and Medical Workforce
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

“The introduction of People Analytics by Liaison Workforce is enabling the Trust to better understand its recruitment and retention challenges through the use of hard evidence, not on an anecdotal or ‘gut feel’ basis.”

Deputy Director of Workforce & OD

Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

“There remains a huge workforce challenge around long-term vacancies and unplanned absences contributing to vacant shifts across our NHS hospitals. We partner with trusts across the UK to drive agency spend down via mii Agency Management, and encourage the implementation of temporary staff banks to fill vacancies.

This saves the NHS over £36 million per year through bank and ADE placements.”

Judith Shaw

Managing Director, Liaison Workforce

“We are so pleased with the results delivered by the digital marketing programme so far, and the support it has given to growing our Collaborative Bank. With Liaison Group’s support, we’ve been able to leverage online marketing more than ever, and present the bank opportunity to medical staff throughout the South West.

This has led to more medics, across all grades, join the Collaborative Bank. We are excited to be extending this opportunity to AHP staff as well.”

People Business Partner

Torbay and South Devon NHS

“Liaison Workforce created a fully comprehensive plan to drive rollout and embed mii People Analytics within the organisation.

As a partnership approach, this will have great benefits for the organisation, with one version of the truth, and reports and insights all users can rely on in one easy accessible place.”

Emma Stimpson

Acting Director of Workforce & OD, Stockport NHS Foundation Trust

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