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13/08/2018 Latest News, News... blog

New NHS supply chain model – greater transparency on VAT

03/08/2018 Latest News, News... blog

The VAT Treatment of Income from Overseas Patients

24/07/2018 Latest News, News... blog

Liaison Group Strengthens Senior Management Insight with New VAT Financial Management and Workforce Hires

Paul O’Connor has joined Liaison as a Sales Director for VAT and Financial Management, bringing 30 years of experience in sales and service environments. Laurence Ansell joins Workforce Management as National Account Director from senior roles within workforce and NHS consultancy.

30/04/2018 Blog, Latest blog posts... blog

Can we recover the VAT on that? 10 NHS VAT facts that might surprise you

26/04/2018 Blog, Latest blog posts... blog

Liaison's VAT Training for Government Departments

06/04/2018 Blog, Latest blog posts... blog

COS heading 14 news  – HMRC to change guidance and HMRC’s decision on ScriptSwitch VAT recovery reversed

01/11/2022 page | Liaison financial

private Patients Optimisation

A complete review of your private Patient commercial infrastructure to provide strategic and operational support that leads to income generation, compliance, and clinical and corporate governance.

31/10/2022 page | Liaison financial

VAT Services

Liaison Financial’s established and effective NHS VAT services are designed to ensure maximum VAT recovery and compliance. Our services include VATplus and VATflow.

19/08/2022 page | Liaison financial

Liaison Financial

Liaison Financial helps the health economy to save over £85million per annum by identifying and achieving savings in non-pay expenditure, for reinvestment into healthcare.