mii Workforce Platform

We’re encouraging new ways of working across the health and social care system through your regional collaborative platforms, working with you to realise your potential, inspire change and deliver the best outcomes for patients.

The platform facilitates a shared vision for procurement, data, intelligence and best practice to drive improvements.

mii Flexible Workforce

Powered by TempRE, mii Flexible Workforce is a technology platform, with a mobile app, that manages the end-to-end process for your flexible workforce across all staff groups and with full integration with mii Roster.

It improves agency spend controls, governance and visibility through integrated flexible workforce management, and reduces reliance on agencies through solutions that grow internal banks and develop ICS collaborative banks.

  • mii Agency Management 
  • mii Bank 
  • mii Collaborative Bank

mii Workforce Optimisation

mii Workforce Optimisation provides effective root cause analysis for workforce transformation across the NHS.

Our experts will advise on the assessment and alignment of key workforce areas, whilst proactive analytics and manager workshops can reduce the reliance on temporary staff and increase workforce effectiveness.

From iterative, advanced workforce planning to identify future vacancies and flight risks, through e-rota and e-roster management, to streamlined task identification and delivery, mii Workforce Optimisation will work alongside your organisation to deliver results and efficiencies.

  • mii People Planning
  • NHS At Work Rota and Roster
  • mii Tasks

mii Retention & Wellbeing

Supporting staff retention, emotional and financial health and wellbeing through a programme of tailored features and solutions. These solutions boost the morale of your workforce and add value for you as an employer through improved employee engagement.

  • mii Benefits
  • mii Wellbeing
  • mii Pay

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